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The Mises Caucus Doctrine For the Libertarian Party

I originally gave this speech to the Libertarian Party National Committee on July 30, 2022, but the audio and video were terrible and the thing was too long so no one read it. So here's me reading it out loud with decent sound quality at least. And I hope it will be...

9/11/22 Scott Explains the War in Yemen, and the Effort to End It

Download Episode. Yesterday, Scott did a solo show for Antiwar Radio in which he lays out the ongoing grassroots campaign to end U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s brutal war on the people of Yemen. He gives a brief but thorough background on the war and then explains...

Q&A Show 6/30/20

Pete Quinones interviews me about China, the accusations against Russia in Afghanistan, Middle East wars and race and power in America.

4/16/20 Q&A Show

I talked with an expert about the Coronavirus, and then I talked with Pete about that.

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