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10/13/17 Jason Ditz Updates the Situation in Syria

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Interviews

Managing news editor of Antiwar.com Jason Ditz returns to the show to discuss the war in Syria where two separate wars are taking place—against ISIS in the East and al Qaeda in the east. Ditz details all of what we don’t know thanks to increased secrecy from the Trump administration, explains what we do know about the continued fight against ISIS in Raqqa, where the U.S. air war has created lots of civilian casualties, and how the Kurds in Syria factor into the U.S. future plans. Scott and Jason then discuss how the same story seems to play out in the Middle East and why, even though the fight against ISIS appears to be drawing to a close, it portends future blowback.

Jason Ditz is the news editor of Antiwar.com. Read all of his work at news.antiwar.com and follow him on Twitter @jasonditz.

Discussed on the show:


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