The ’28 Pages’ Explained

by Larisa Alexandrovna Horton Antiwar.comThe classified 28 Pages of the Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11 report have finally been made public, although in redacted form. It took fourteen years for the public to see this document, which was classified by the Bush Administration. The 28 Pages make it clear that the hijackers had handlers who were reporting to, funded by and taking directions from figures at the highest levels of the Saudi government. But to understand why that conclusion...

US, Israel refuse to cooperate with inquest into Syria strike

By Larisa Alexandrovna Published: Wednesday November 14, 2007 UN nuclear watchdog has no evidence Syria had nuclear facility The International Atomic Energy Agency - the United Nations nuclear watchdog - has not been able to conduct an investigation into the events surrounding the Sept. 6 Israeli bombing of a Syrian military installation because neither the Bush administration nor Israel are cooperating. A diplomatic source close to the Vienna based IAEA told Raw Story that both...

The Lies that Started 11 Wars

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