5/17/19 Curt Mills on John Bolton’s War with Iran

Curt Mills discusses John Bolton’s plans for provoking a war with Iran and the differences in policy and philosophy between Bolton and Trump. Discussed on the show: “Is Bolton’s War With Iran Becoming A Reality?” (The National Interest) “Iran Nuclear Deal Exit...

5/17/19 Muhammad Sahimi on Iran

Muhammad Sahimi talks war with Iran, which he says the Ayatollah, and certainly the Iranian people, do not want. They understand that even though America would never outright win a war like that, it could practically destroy the entire country of Iran. The puzzling...

5/14/19 Gareth Porter on the Supposed Iranian Threat

Gareth Porter explains the overblown claims of Iran’s threat to the United States, which are constantly being used as a pretext for war by American and Israeli neocons. Discussed on the show: “John Bolton’s Nefarious Plot for War With Iran” (Truthdig) “Did Iran Kill...
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