11/9/18 John Glaser on Iran and North Korea

Cato’s John Glaser joins the show to talk about the new oil sanctions on Iran. He and Scott discuss what this means for U.S. relations with Iran, beginning with the fact that sanctions only achieve the policy desired by the imposing nation about 30% of the time, and a...

11/9/18 Arnold Isaacs on Remembering the Vietnam War

Arnold Isaacs joins the show to discuss the flawed ways the Vietnam War is remembered and commemorated. All too often, he explains, American crimes are whitewashed or left out altogether. If we don’t face up to the deeds of our military and government in previous wars...

11/9/18 Sheldon Richman on Voting

Sheldon Richman shares his election day experience, one where he got to choose exactly the outcome he wanted and take home real products afterward—namely, he went to the grocery store. Richman contrasts the voting of the marketplace that we do every day with our...
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