10/12/18 Eric Eikenberry on Stopping the War In Yemen

Scott talks to Eric Eikenberry about the war in Yemen and the various efforts to stop it. A small cadre in the House of Representatives has been trying to introduce resolutions that would invoke the War Powers Act, but so far have met with little success. Eikenberry...

10/12/18 Sheldon Richman on Israel-Palestine Negotiations

Sheldon Richman returns to the show to talk about his latest TGIF article, “Trump’s Middle East Delusions Persist.” He and Scott discuss the state of negotiations between Israel and Palestine and what can be done to make Americans see the truth of Israel’s many abuses...

10/10/18 Daniel Lazare on Saudi Arabia

Daniel Lazare comes back on the show to talk about Saudi Arabia, Trump, and the future Middle East politics. He explains an extremely common pattern in kingdoms and empires where after about three generations of family rule, massive upheaval or incompetence forces a...
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