1/7/19 Gareth Porter on the Khmer Rouge

Gareth Porter comes back on the show to respond to claims that he’s an apologist for Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. In explaining his 1975 book, Cambodia: Starvation and Revolution, he identifies a dangerous trend surrounding American wars abroad, which he himself fell...

1/5/19 Gareth Porter on Ending the War in Yemen

Gareth Porter tells Scott why he’s optimistic that the war in Yemen will soon be coming to an end. For one thing, says Porter, the War Powers resolutions in both congress and the senate have created political pressure to end America’s backing of the Saudis, even if...

1/4/19 Elijah Magnier on US Withdrawal from Syria

Journalist Elijah Magnier joins the show for his analysis of President Trump’s pulling troops out of Syria. Although Trump has backed down from his original demands and acquiesced to a slower timeline for withdrawal, Magnier explains that it doesn’t matter much in...
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