6/14/19 Bob Murphy on the Economics of Climate Change

Bob Murphy joins the show to discuss his work on the economics of climate change. He explains that even according to the science cited by the UN and the Obama administration, the economic costs of the proposed plans to slow down global warming would be wildly more...

6/14/19 Eric Margolis on Gaza, India, and Iran

Eric Margolis shares stories from his work helping rescue zoo animals from Gaza, where Israeli occupation has forced the Palestinians living there to squalor and the brink of starvation. The promise of a Palestinian state appears to be totally forgotten, says...

6/14/19 Peter Ford on the Jihadis Left in Syria

Scott talks to Peter Ford about the latest in Syria and Iraq. America and the allied “coalition” have made the same mistake over and over again in the Middle East, says Ford, and President Trump seems to be walking the same path; he claims one day that he wants to...
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