1/20/20 Ramzy Baroud on the Israeli Siege of Gaza

Scott talks to Ramzy Baroud about the Israeli occupation of Gaza, where Palestinian civilians continue to be killed and otherwise oppressed by Israeli forces. Baroud describes the many ways in which Israel has twisted the mainstream narrative and manipulated their...

Iran’s ‘Golden Offer’ of 2003

The following is the body of the irangoldenoffer2003.pdf document. Download the source document: Iran Golden Offer 2003 – PDF Download lranian aims: (The US accepts a dialogue “‘in mutual respect” and agrees that lran puts the following aims on...

Refuting Iran Myths

Pete Quinones interviews me about the common narratives about Iran in Iraq and so forth; specifically addressing a hawk’s interview on the Joe Rogan show and a recent hawkish piece in the Wall Street Journal. Podcast (show): Play in new window |...
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