4/12/19 Philip Weiss on Right-wing Politics in Israel

Scott talks to Philip Weiss about Israeli politics in light of Netanyahu’s recent victory in the election for prime minister. Israeli society, explains Weiss, leans heavily right wing, especially the young people, and this creates serious barriers to negotiations for...

4/12/19 William Van Wagenen on the Destruction of Yarmouk

Scott talks to William Van Wagenen about his latest article for the Libertarian Institute, “A Brief History of the Destruction of Yarmouk,” which traces the story of the Palestinian refugee camp at Yarmouk. Much of the blame for the horrible conditions there fell on...

4/12/19 Matthew Hoh on the Afghanistan Peace Talks

Matthew Hoh joins Scott for an update on the peace talks in Afghanistan. There are some reasons for optimism, says Hoh, but he cautions that without a plan for careful withdrawal of troops, the country could quickly be plunged into brutal civil and tribal warfare in...
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