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Thanks to Everyone’s Orphan for the list. Enough Already & Uighurs – Why Libertarian Osama Bin Laden’s Strategy to Take Down the US – Bob Murphy Conflicts of Interest #100​ – Scott Horton Dismantles the War Party Narrative Ideological Underpinnings of the War on Terrorism – Washington Report on Middle East Affairs


I’m doing two events this Saturday: WRMEA and IRmep‘s End Support for Apartheid Israel Conference at 1:00 PM Eastern and a speech to the Washington LP later that afternoon in Seattle with Peter R. Quinones, Matt Kibbe, Angela McArdle and others.  

18 years, 5,500 interviews.

I started the old Weekend Interview Show on Radio KAOS 95.9 FM in Austin, Texas on April 12, 2003, three days after the fall of Baghdad. First up was’s heroic Alan Bock. Number 5,500 was of course with the Great Gareth Porter. Full archives here and at YouTube.

I Just Joined the Libertarian Party

It's all about our great campaign to run Jacob Hornberger for President of the United States next year. "Hey Scott Horton, what can we do?" Yall are always asking. Well here's something we can do. The libertarian movement is joining the Libertarian Party to try to really make some great hay out of the Hornberger campaign in the Ron Paul Revolution style. And WE NEED YOUR HELP. Go to to sign up today. And then please, get with your buddies, get involved in your state...

No Quarter: The Ravings of William Norman Grigg

The Libertarian Institute is proud to announce publication of the last book by our late, great, sorely missed co-founder, managing editor and dear friend, the heroic Will Grigg: No Quarter: The Ravings of William Norman Grigg This book is a fitting legacy for a great man. It includes an incredible foreword/biography of Will by his protégé, Thomas R. Eddlum, and a small publisher’s note by me at the end. 100% of the proceeds of this book go directly to the Grigg family. Get it now! Kindle...

Walter Jones Interviews

The great antiwar Republican Walter Jones died last Sunday. Eric Garris has a write up at AWC. Kelley and Jim Antle give him a nice send off over at TAC. Here are my five interviews of him. And here Ron Paul and Dan McAdams give their man his due.

Fool’s Errand Turns 1

My book, Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan came out a year ago today. It was good timing since I knew that Trump was about to launch his first escalation there and that other than that, the status quo would hold: the Taliban would continue to slowly retake the country-side, they would attack major cities and Afghan National Army outposts, while never staying long enough to get their fixed positions bombed to oblivion by U.S. B-1s, and the national government in Kabul would...

New Private Reddit Group

Tom Woods has long advised me to create a donors-only private Facebook group. But I hate Facebook. So instead we're doing a Reddit group for those who donate at least $5 per month on Paypal or Patreon: Sign up to donate here: or Any new donors or those already donating just email me and we'll get you signed up. Donors to the Institute count too, of course. Thanks! See you...

The Great Ron Paul, Smeared Again

So a staffer working for Ron Paul made a terrible mistake today and tweeted out a picture which included very ugly stereotype caricatures of Jews, blacks and I'm not sure who-all. They deleted it immediately after followers replied pointing out the caricatures at the bottom. But the vultures at the Hill, Reason and other places pounced. So here's some things about that: Again, the staffer deleted it immediately and then tweeted out an explanation that Dr. Paul does not tweet himself -- which...

Iraq War II: A History Lesson

It's been 15 years since they lied us into Iraq War II. So I did a couple of long, in-depth interviews with Jonathan Schwarz about how and why they lied us into it, and Gareth Porter about how the war played out. Especially for those of you who were too young or wrong back then to know about it, I hope it's helpful.

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