Ending the Yemen War

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Stress Blog

There’s a Resolution in the House, HJ Res 87, a War Powers Resolution demanding an end to all support for Saudi and UAE’s war in Yemen. The new Libertarian Party is working with all the great Yemen war activists to do a pressure campaign on Congress to support it. Massie and a few other GOPs support it.

We’re also pushing the persuade the right from the right and the left from the left strategy to influence them.

I believe that this really could be the margin to pass the resolution, that it could be the margin to get Biden to quit it, that that could be what it takes to truly end the war. And that we have to try. And also that how do you like the new Libertarian Party? (The Libertarian Institute is not affiliated with the LP in any way.)

The backstory:

1: Obama started the CIA drone war against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) back in 2009. They are real-ass anti-American terrorists. Bombed the Cole. Tried to blow up a plane over Detroit on Christmas 2009. This only made the problem worse.

2: Obama bribed the dictator with guns and money to let him do it.

3: The dictator, Abdullah Saleh, spent the money and weapons attacking his enemies, the Houthis, a group of Zaidi Shi’ites from up in the north. They kept winning.

4: Arab Spring breaks out in 2011. Everyone wants his regime gone. Someone tries to kill him. He’s wounded so goes to Saudi to heal up.

5: Hillary swoops in and thwarts the popular will by pushing the vice president Mansour Hadi into power. Saleh goes away mad and takes the army with him. Then he goes up north and joins in alliance with the Houthis! He’s a Zaidi Shia like them, it turns out.

6: Hadi sucks at being a dictator. Everyone hates him. He provokes the Houthis with a new strong federalism program that would cut them off from the Red Sea. They march on the capital and get rid of Hadi in December 2014.

7: USA works with them to target AQAP for a few months before Obama stabs them in the back and switches sides in the war in March 2015.

8: The Saudis-UAE got the green light from Obama to “placate” them during the Iran nuke deal.

9: US support includes planes, bombs, all spare parts, plane tires etc., all the maintenance, logistics, air traffic control etc., intelligence for picking targets and naval support for the blockade.

10: AQAP has benefited all along, first independently, then under the cover of the UAE’s militia.

11: Trump tore up the Iran nuke deal, but kept the war. All to make Raytheon happy. Literally, not just figuratively.

12: The war has failed to oust the Houthis.

13: More than 100,000 people have been bombed to death. More than half a million have died of deprivation who otherwise would not have. I bet you it’s a million when they add it all up later. Cholera outbreaks and all this.

14: They’ve waged a war against the civilian infrastructure all along.

15: Obama and Trump era State Department lawyers worried they could all go to prison for war crimes.

16: They should.

17: There is currently a cease-fire and the Saudis have dropped their major goal of reinstalling Hadi, which is a huge climbdown.

18: So now is our chance to press this advantage and try to get tens of thousands of calls in to Congress about this.

It’s 1-833 STOP WAR. They’ll connect you right to your Congressman.

Some advice about what to say to them can be found in this thread. And thank you!:

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