8/14/20 Max Blumenthal on the Media’s Favorite Hong Kong Protest Hoaxer

by | Aug 16, 2020 | Interviews

Max Blumenthal discusses the case of Kong Tsung-gan, an “expert source” on the ground in Hong Kong, who has been quoted by many American media outlets in recent months as an authority on the separatist movement there. The problem? Kong is actually an American named Brian Kern masquerading on the internet as a native. The mainstream media, explains Blumenthal, has been happy to go along unquestioningly with Kern’s story because his narrative suits theirs: China is an oppressive and violent regime bent on the brutal subjugation of Hong Kong, and indeed of all Chinese people. Sadly, Blumenthal says, a media scandal like this has become par for the course, and is unlikely to receive serious attention.

Discussed on the show:

  • “Western media’s favorite Hong Kong ‘freedom struggle writer’ is American ex-Amnesty staffer in yellowface” (The Grayzone)
  • “Whatever happened to Tom MacMaster, the “Gay Girl in Damascus” hoaxer?” (Electronic Intifada)
  • “Opinion | A Hong Kong Protester’s Tactic: Get the Police to Hit You” (The New York Times)

Director and writer of “Killing Gaza,” Max Blumenthal is a senior editor of the Grayzone Project and the author GoliathRepublican Gomorrah, and The 51 Day War. Follow Max on Twitter @MaxBlumenthal.

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