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Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, briefly discusses the FFF’s Civil Liberties College Tour – featuring guest speakers Glenn Greenwald and Bruce Fein – that concludes today (October 19th) at the University of Colorado-Boulder.






OCTOBER 19, 2012


 SCOTT HORTON: All right, y’all. Welcome back to the show. And I’m happy to welcome Bumper Hornberger back. Hey, Jacob, how are you doing?

JACOB HORNBERGER: Awesome, man. Great to talk to you again, Scott.

SCOTT HORTON: So, it looks like you guys have had a really great thing going on here all week long. It’s the Future of Freedom Foundation and the Young Americans for Liberty Civil Liberties College Tour, and you guys have been all over the West this week, correct?

JACOB HORNBERGER: Oh, it’s been awesome, absolutely awesome. We went to Seattle, we went to the University of California at Davis, then down to San Diego, last night University of Arizona at Tucson, and we’re right now in Colorado at Boulder, University of Colorado. It’s been an absolutely fantastic tour.

SCOTT HORTON: Great. Well, so now tonight you are, like you just said, at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and then at what time is that?

JACOB HORNBERGER: That’s from 7 to 9 Mountain time, and we’re planning on livestreaming it. We’ve run into some technical difficulties at a couple of these venues, but so far we’re planning on livestreaming it. People can go to our website at fff.org and get our e-mail update and click into there for the livestreaming, and otherwise we’re going to be archiving on our website in the next couple of weeks. But if people are in the area, come to the venue. The exact location is again on our website on our e-mail update, under upcoming events, and, yeah, it’s going to be predominantly college students, but we’d love to have the nonstudents interacting with the students.

SCOTT HORTON: Yeah, there you go. So, yeah, this has been a real exciting thing. You’ve had Glenn Greenwald and of course the great Bruce Fein as well, Jack Hunter moderating, and now you’ve run into a couple of hiccups with Greenwald and Fein, is that right?

JACOB HORNBERGER: (laughs) Yeah. Poor Bruce, he had a stomachache right in the middle of the tour, and it got worse and worse, so we took him to the hospital and it turned out he had to have emergency surgery for a hernia, and so he’s out of the rest of the tour. You know, this fight for freedom, it’s tough, man, being on the front lines here, Scott.

SCOTT HORTON: Yeah, well, and you guys are keeping up an Iron Maiden like schedule here, too, playing all over the country like this.

JACOB HORNBERGER: (laughs) Right. And then Glenn had a conflict where he couldn’t work out the flights. He has to give a speech in Ottawa tomorrow night, so he won’t be there tonight, but we’re still trying – I don’t know if we can pull it off – of doing his speech by Skype tonight. And we’re working on that right now. But otherwise tonight it’s going to be me and Jack Hunter and we’ll be carrying the ball here at the last leg here.

SCOTT HORTON: That’s cool. Well, man, I wish I was in Colorado because I would really like to go to this thing. For anybody within driving distance of Boulder, even if you have to go over a mountain or two, why not show up for this thing. And, you know, what I really like about it is because you just think the same way as I do, which is that us libertarians need to lead the best of the left and the best of the right into getting their priorities straight and have a new realignment where the coalition is a coalition for, you know, the winning coalition, the majority coalition, is the coalition for peace and liberty instead of the coalition for the permanent warfare welfare state. And you are carrying this thing out. I mean, that’s what it means for you to be putting this thing together with Greenwald and Fein.

JACOB HORNBERGER: Well, it is so awesome, because Glenn Greenwald is, you know, one of the most prominent influential liberals in the country, Bruce is one of the most prominent influential conservatives, I’m a libertarian, and what we’re communicating to these kids is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a liberal, a conservative or a libertarian. Some of them, they come to the event thinking there’s going to be a debate! Well, there’s no debate, because we’re all on the same page on this particular issue, the vital importance of civil liberties, and how horribly destructive this war on terrorism is, and U.S. foreign policy. So you can just tell, we’re really touching some chords with these kids, because they realize this transcends ideology and what label you put on yourself politically, and it’s just fantastic.

SCOTT HORTON: And then, for people who want to stream it live, the web address is right here: It’s fff.org/collegetour.html. And that’s again at what time tonight Mountain?

JACOB HORNBERGER: 7 to 9 Mountain time, and I can tell you that it’s really worth tuning in because the discussion period, the Q&A period, has been the best part. I mean, it’s just been fantastic. The questions have been fascinating, the lively exchanges, and – so, yeah, 7 to 9 Mountain time.

SCOTT HORTON: Okay, cool. Well, I sure hope that this interview results in a few more attendees.

JACOB HORNBERGER: Great! Well, thank you so much for taking the time to have me on and talk about the show, Scott. We really do appreciate it.

SCOTT HORTON: Well, I sure appreciate you guys too. Thanks a lot. I only wish I could be there. Next time.

JACOB HORNBERGER: (laughs) Well, come on out!

SCOTT HORTON: Yeah, you know what I’ll do? I’ll hop in my private helicopter and fly right over. It’ll be great.

JACOB HORNBERGER: (laughs) Well, what we’re hoping is while things are going so well that there’s always a chance we may do a Texas tour, so we would definitely expect you there.

SCOTT HORTON: Yeah, there you go. Well, Texas is pretty big. You might have to do a tour to just do the one state.

JACOB HORNBERGER: That’s what I’ve already been telling the guys that.

SCOTT HORTON: Well, stop by here. I’ll say something.

JACOB HORNBERGER: Sounds good, man.

SCOTT HORTON: All right, thanks Jacob. Appreciate it.

JACOB HORNBERGER: Thank you, Scott. Okay, bye bye.

SCOTT HORTON: All right, everybody, check out Jacob Hornberger and Jack Hunter tonight at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and Greenwald’s going to be there too, they’re working out the video link for Greenwald, who got stuck in Ottawa somehow. That’s the Future of Freedom Foundation Civil Liberties College Tour. It’s at fff.org/collegetour.html. You can watch the livestream there. Aw, and I meant to ask him – there’s going to be YouTubes of all five nights, I hope. Right? Gotta be.


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