5/18/23 Stephanie Savell on the Millions of Indirect Deaths Caused by the Post-9/11 Wars

by | May 19, 2023 | Interviews

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Scott was joined by Stephanie Savell of the Cost of War Project to discuss her organization’s new report on indirect deaths in America’s post-9/11 wars. Savell’s research now points to between 4.5 million and 4.6 million indirect deaths that have already occurred in the countries affected by the wars as an indirect result of U.S. intervention. In this interview, Scott and Savell discuss the methods used, what constitutes indirect deaths vs. direct deaths and how the devastation differed from country to country.

Discussed on the show:

Stephanie Savell is the co-director of the Costs of War project at Brown University’s Watson Institute. Savell is an anthropologist who studies security, militarized policing, and civic engagement in relation to the United States post-9/11 wars and policing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is the co-author of The Civic Imagination: Making a Difference in American Political Life.

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