08/29/12 – Craig Corrie – The Scott Horton Show

Craig Corrie, father of murdered activist Rachel Corrie, discusses the Israeli court’s rejection of his family’s lawsuit because Gaza was a “war zone” where anything goes; Israel’s responsibility to protect civilians in occupied territory; the British civilians killed around the same time by the same shoot-to-kill IDF policy; and why Rachel put herself between an armored bulldozer and a Palestinian house in Gaza.


14 thoughts on “08/29/12 – Craig Corrie – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. eCAHNomics

    With all due respect, what is the point of Corrie’s parents going on with this futile case. I understand the issues, but Rachel’s family will lose.

    1. mikfax

      I guess they have an unwavering faith in the justice of mankind, maybe that is where Rachel got it from. In a way i guess Rachel was a war hero as tragic as her end was it was heroic the way she put her life on the line for what she believed in. Whether you believe in God or not his perfect justice will be meted out and woe to those who by injustices have come.

    2. Rico

      It is a good thing the apartheid regime in Israel is being exposed for what they are. It is a good thing that the American people see what happens to their 70 billion a year aid to this country. The blatant disregard for human life and their racists ways.

  2. daveygravey

    I think the point in going on with it is to continue pressuring for a full & proper investigation and to hold up the Israeli justice system for the travesty it is, when dealing with transgressions by it’s supposedly “moral army” in the occupation of Palestinians.Throwing your hands up & saying that’s it so,end of story just doesn’t cut it.Their story should continue to be heard and disseminated as much as possible.

  3. Roger Lafontaine

    An Israeli conscience is an easy conscience to have. This is a conscience that won’t keep you awake at night I guarantee it. It won’t ask you hard questions. If you have an answer, any answer will do, then it will be completely satisfied. ‘Go, my son, live your life in peace. We shall not bother you anymore’.

  4. robert temple

    My heart to the family.

    A leader of a nation who supports murder loses credibility relative to lawful justice. This is further proof that Israel, as it has done again that which it has done before, rejected the benevolent words of their God – denied their destiny as a chosen people – and committed themselves to murder and plunder of other men on this earth.

    I do not believe them to be a chosen people. History bears a record of deception, coercion, extortion, murder, greed, vengeance, jealousy, envy, rage, deviance, and hatred directed at any of those who they deemed lesser. If jews are a race, then they are racist by evidence of their actions. If jews are a culture, then they are bigots by evidence of their attitudes.

    That no government puts pressure on Israel to come to a just judgment and do the honorable thing speaks to the power Israel possesses relative to the rest of the world. Certainly, no political officer gives two bits for real justice. But JESUS give us the appearance when it calls for it. If history is cyclical, as has been said, then Israel will come to an end, just as all tyrannical governments must.

  5. Orville H. Larson

    Every man and woman of goodwill must recognize Rachel Corrie for what she was–a principled humanitarian. The fact that the U.S. Government ignored–and continues to ignore–her murder by

  6. Orville H. Larson

    Every man and woman of goodwill must recognize Rachel Corrie for what she was–a principled humanitarian. The fact that the U.S. Government ignored–and continues to ignore–her murder by the Zionist entity speaks volumes about the U.S. Government’s depravity.

    All the best to Mr. & Mrs. Corrie.

  7. IP Khalifa

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  8. IP Khalifa

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