12/8/17 Mark Perry on Why moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is a mistake

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Mark Perry returns to the show to discuss his latest article for the American Conservative, “Tillerson, Mattis Warned Trump Against Embassy Move.” Perry doubts that Trump understands the true effect of his decision and explains why Jerusalem is integral to the Arab world and to Palestine in particular. Scott asks if, now that the two-state solution is clearly over, peace can be found in a single state—assuming apartheid conditions are lifted. Perry believes that the silver lining is that the Jerusalem decision creates division in what has become an ever-cozier relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Scott then turns to Perry’s new book, “The Pentagon’s Wars: The Military’s Undeclared Wars Against America’s Presidents.

Mark Perry is the author of Talking to Terrorists: Why America Must Engage with its Enemies and The Most Dangerous Man in America: The Making of Douglas MacArthurHis most recent book, The Pentagon’s Wars was released in October. Follow him on Twitter @MarkPerryDC.

Discussed on the show:

  • “Arab world responds to Trump’s Jerusalem decision with protests and warnings” (Christian Science Monitor)
  • “Arabs, Europe, U.N. reject Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital” (Reuters)
  • “Pope Francis Has ‘Deep Worry’ Over President Trump’s Decision to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem” (Time)
  • Palestinian Christians
  • “Tom Friedman on Trump’s ignorance in Jerusalem embassy decision” (MSNBC)
  • “Rice’s Turnabout on Mideast Talks” (The New York Times)
  • “Trump’s Transition Team Colluded With Israel. Why Isn’t That News?” (The Intercept)
  • “U.S. Abstains From U.N. Vote Condemning Israeli Settlements” (ForeignPolicy)
  • “An explanation of Israeli settlements” (MSNBC)
  • Philip Weiss
  • Ramzy Baroud
  • “A Split Over Israel Threatens the Democrats’ Hopes for Unity” (The New York Times)
  • Ahmed Yassin
  • 2004 Fallujah Ambush
  • “Sadr: Muslims must liberate Jerusalem not fight each other” (Middle East Monitor)
  • “Military Times survey: Troops prefer Trump to Clinton by a huge margin” (Military Times)
  • “Poll: Active Military Members Have Had Quite Enough of Nation Building, Regime Change” (Reason)
  • “Ron Paul Awash in Active Duty Military Donations” (U.S. News)
  • “America 1st: Tucker Carlson & Col. Macgregor Reveal Secrets!” (YouTube)

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