The Waco Tragedy feat. Dave Hardy, Dan Gifford, James Tabor, Paul Fatta, David Thibodeau, Jim Bovard, Barbara Grant, Mike McNulty

by | Jun 17, 2023 | Interviews

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Scott discusses the 1993 Waco tragedy with David Hardy, Dan Gifford, James Tabor, Paul Fatta, David Thibodeau, Jim Bovard, Barbara Grant: the Branch Davidians’ history and theology, David Koresh, the ATF’s investigation and raid, the 51 day siege, the FBI’s tank and gas attack, the April 19 fire, analysis of infra-red imagery, the role of the U.S. Army’s Delta Force, the trial and various coverups.

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David Thibodeau

Barbara Grant

James Bovard

Paul Fatta

James Tabor

Mike McNulty

And of course, Dan Gifford and David Hardy.


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