8/17/18 Sheldon Richman and Khaled Al Sabawi on Palestinian Property Rights and Titles

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Interviews | 17 comments

Sheldon Richman returns to the show, this time to interview Khaled Al Sabawi about his work helping Palestinians on renewable energy projects and with getting property deeds. Sabawi explains the many injustices suffered by Palestinians at Israeli hands, as well as the frustrations dealing with a Palestinian Authority that frequently just carries water for the Israeli government.

Discussed on the show:

Sheldon Richman is the executive editor of the Libertarian Institute and the author of America’s Counter-Revolution: The Constitution Revisited. Follow him on Twitter @SheldonRichman.

Khaled Al Sabawi is the CEO of Union Construction and Investment and of MENA Geothermal. Follow his work at tabo.ps.

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