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4/8/21 Trita Parsi on Biden’s Willingness to Negotiate With Iran

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Interviews

Trita Parsi talks about the state of negotiations between the U.S. and Iran. President Trump, of course, made a point of withdrawing from the JCPOA and increasing hostilities with Iran, deliberately parting ways with one of President Obama’s signature issues. But the Biden administration, says Parsi, seems serious about reestablishing diplomatic relationships with Iran, especially as they continue to demonstrate advanced nuclear capabilities. Contrary to the common narrative, Parsi explains, it isn’t America’s cruel and futile sanctions regime that brings the Iranian government to the negotiating table, it is the Iranian nuclear program that brings America to the table. Naturally, peace between any nuclear armed countries is good for global safety.

Discussed on the show:

Trita Parsi is the president of the National Iranian American Council and the author of Losing an Enemy: Obama, Iran and the Triumph of Diplomacy. Parsi is the recipient of the 2010 Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order. Follow him on Twitter @tparsi.

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