9/27/19 Jonathan Fenton-Harvey on Trump’s Pandering to Saudi Arabia

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Interviews

Jonathan Fenton-Harvey talks about President Trump’s close relationship with Saudi Arabia and his corresponding push against Iran. Trump seems uniquely willing to come out and say his real reasons for this closeness—that it’s all about money. Trump likes that Saudi Arabia buys billions of dollars worth of weapons from America, which he claims is good for the U.S. job market. He is willing to sacrifice civilian lives in Yemen for the sake of the domestic economy. Ironically, Trump’s isolation of Iran by primarily supporting Saudi Arabia and the UAE has actually pushed Iran closer to America’s enemies, and in a way has granted them rhetorical victories simply by the claim that they are behind every successful attack or operation in the region.

Discussed on the show:

  • “Trump’s pandering to Saudi Arabia is tearing the Middle East apart” (Al-Araby)
  • “How ties with China bolster the UAE’s bid for regional dominance” (Middle East Eye)

Jonathan Fenton-Harvey is a journalist and researcher, who focuses on political issues and humanitarian crises in the Middle East and North Africa. He writes regularly for Al-Araby and Middle East Eye. Find him on Twitter @jfentonharvey.

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