6/7/19 William Astore on the Ten Tenets of Air Power

by | Jun 9, 2019 | Interviews

Scott interviews William Astore about his recent TomDispatch piece on American air power. Astore, a retired Air Force officer, explains what he was and was not taught about bombing as a strategy in war, most notably the fact that the perception of the U.S. military by the people getting bombed is rarely considered. Air power, and particularly unmanned drones, explains Astore, creates a tremendous amount of blowback from people living under the constant threat of death from the skies. This has explicitly been the case with several recent acts of terrorism, including the Times Square bomber of 2010.

Discussed on the show:

William J. Astore is a retired lieutenant colonel (USAF) and history professor. He is a contributing writer at Antiwar.com and TomDispatch.com. Read all of his work at his website, BracingViews.com.

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