11/15/19 Ray McGovern on the New ‘Russiagate’

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Interviews

Ray McGovern explains some of the background to the current Ukraine impeachment inquiry, starting with the fact that Russia is obviously just being used today as a bogeyman and a scapegoat for fears of any potential challenge to absolute American global hegemony. McGovern reminds us that after the Russiagate narrative completely fell flat, the democrats and the mainstream media shifted seamlessly to supposed Ukraine corruption, without ever acknowledging the false narrative they’d been pushing for the previous two years. In both cases it’s clear that a disgruntled cadre of deep state operatives is trying to get back at President Trump, who is both personally rude to them and politically dangerous to their continued grip on power.

Discussed on the show:

Ray McGovern is the co-creator of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity and the former chief of the CIA’s Soviet analysts division. Read all of his work at his website: raymcgovern.com.

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