7/12/19 Suzie Dawson on Julian Assange’s Heroism on Behalf of Journalists

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Interviews

Independent journalist Suzie Dawson joins the show to talk about Julian Assange’s continued plight for his freedom and credibility. Dawson details the many strategies that have been used to discredit and imprison him, including now-dubious claims of sexual assault and the ever-present charges of working for the Russians against the United States. Dawson herself had to move to Russia after relentless attacks on her privacy and safety by the governments of New Zealand and Germany that included stalking, break-ins, thefts, and revealing her personal information to the public.

Discussed on the show:

  • “We are Women Against Rape but we do not want Julian Assange extradited | Katrin Axelsson and Lisa Longstaff | Opinion” (The Guardian)
  • Collateral Murder
  • “John Kiriakou on Twitter: “A fair trial in the Eastern District of Virginia, under Judge Leonie Brinkema, is utterly impossible. They don’t call EDVA the “Espionage Court” for nothing.”” (Twitter)
  • “5/31/19 Trevor Timm on the Century’s Greatest 1st Amendment Threat” (The Libertarian Institute)
  • “DNC email database” (Wikileaks)
  • “Climatic Research Unit emails, data, models, 1996-2009” (WikiLeaks)
  • “Freeing Julian Assange: Part One” (ContraSpin)
  • “Conspiracyland: The Russian connection to Seth Rich conspiracies” (Yahoo News)

Suzie Dawson is a citizen journalist who writes regularly for Consortium News, Contraspin, The Daily Blog NZ, and many others. Follow her on Twitter @Suzi3D.

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