6/14/19 Tom Eddlem on the Anti-Muslim Propaganda Used to Promote America’s Wars

by | Jun 16, 2019 | Interviews

Scott talks to Tom Eddlem about the late Will Griggs’ new book, No Quarter, now out on paperback and Kindle. Eddlem also discusses the anti-Muslim propaganda spread by those who want to make war in the Middle East more palatable to Americans. Eddlem says that most people who promote an anti-Muslim (or anti-immigrant) narrative aren’t being deliberately subversive or evil, but they use statistics that are misleading or only true in a limited context in service of a cause they believe is good for America’s safety. But the result is that those who are deliberately spreading this misinformation have plenty of willing supporters for their cause.

Discussed on the show:

Tom Eddlem is a freelance writer who has been published in more than 20 periodicals, including The New American magazine, the Providence Journal, LewRockwell.com, Future of Freedom Foundation and Antiwar.com. He is the author of A Rogue’s Sedition: Essays Against Omnipotent Government. Write him at teddlem@comcast.net

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