5/15/20 John Kiriakou on What Could Have Prevented 9/11

by | May 19, 2020 | Interviews

John Kiriakou discusses his time at the CIA during the lead up to and aftermath of 9/11, given the recent revelations about the identity of a Saudi official connected with the attack. This is the first time the American people have seen any concrete evidence tying the Saudi government to the hijackers, which Kiriakou finds ridiculous. The families of the victims have been seeking justice for almost two decades, and ought to be allowed to know the truth. He also recounts some of the reasons why America’s intelligence apparatus should have seen the 9/11 attacks coming, and the dysfunction that let them through.

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John Kiriakou is a former CIA officer and author of The Convenient Terrorist: Two Whistleblowers’ Stories of Torture, Terror, Secret Wars, and CIA Lies and Doing Time Like A Spy. He is the host of Loud and Clear on Sputnik Radio. Follow him on Twitter @JohnKiriakou.

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