2/21/18 Jeffrey Kaye unveils long suppressed report about U.S. use of biological weapons in Korea

by | Feb 25, 2018 | Interviews

Author of “Cover Up at Guantanamo,” Jeffery Kaye joins Scott to discuss his article “The Long-suppressed Korean War Report on U.S. Use of Biological Weapons Released At Last.” Kaye details the use of different biological weapons during the Korean War, including newly confirmed claims that have been suppressed for decades. Kaye then describes the lengths he had to travel to see the evidence of U.S. biological warfare firsthand in his attempt to corroborate different sources. Lastly Scott and Kaye discuss the long history of the U.S. threatening potential whistleblowers of U.S. war crimes and the constant drum beat to war on the part of the establishment.

Jeffrey Kaye is the author of “Cover-up at Guantanamo: The NCIS Investigation into the “Suicides” of Mohammed Al Hanashi and Abdul Rahman Al Amri.” Kaye is a retired psychologist, blogger, and author. Follow him on Twitter @jeff_kaye.

Discussed on the show:

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