7/17/17 Reza Marashi on how Trump is violating the Iran nuclear deal

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Interviews

Reza Marashi returns to the show to discuss his most recent article, “Trump is Violating the Iran Deal.” Marashi explains how the Trump administration is violating the Iran Deal by reneging on its part of the bargain pertaining to economic promises made to Iran. Despite the United States’ bad faith, the deal includes a number of resolution measures such that a single violation shouldn’t torpedo what progress has been made. But it has raised concern from the rest of the world that Washington’s violation will result in other conflicts that will be more difficult to resolve as a result. One such potential conflict is Iran’s vast power and influence throughout the Middle East, which the the Bush and Obama administrations have gifted Iran by way of their repeated foreign policy blunders in Iraq and elsewhere. And while Obama realized late in his presidency that diplomacy with Iran was the only option to resolve the problem, the Trump administration’s belligerence has only made matters worse.

Reza Marashi is the Research Director at the National Iranian American Council. Previously he worked in the Office of Iranian Affairs at the State Department. Follow him on Twitter @rezamarashi.

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