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  1. Ryan

    By Washington you mean Tel Aviv.
    The plan for sectarian violence in Syria was all spelled out by Oded Yinon of Israel as well as the clean break paper from Richard Perle

  2. Abel Ashes

    Here is the actual DIA paper in question that disinformation peddlers like Alex Jones, Nafeez Ahmed, and Chris Hedges have been lying about. It clearly states that the creation of a Salafist Islamic State is likely to occur because of Syrian and Iraqi jihadist groups that the US opposes and furthermore clearly states that such an Islamic State is not desirable to the US or for regional security and stability:


  3. Abel Ashes

    Saudi Arabia is not funding the Islamic State. The Islamic State is being bombed by the Saudi military and has carried out several attacks in Saudi Arabia,which have killed Saudi military and Saudi Shia worshippers. The Saudis are a monarchy which is not acceptable to IS and they are a US ally which is not acceptable to IS. Saudi Arabia and Jordan are the two countries IS has stated in all of their propaganda that they wish to conquer and invade next should they take all of Iraq and Syria.

    Turkey is also not funding IS. Turkey is guilty of not preventing foreign fighters using Turkey as their last stop on the way into Syria. Erdogan is happy to see the Assad regime, the Kurds, and IS kill each other while Turkey helps the USA fight IS in a more clandestine fashion so as to appear neutral to avoid IS and al-Nusra attacks inside Turkey while Erdogan slowly erodes Turkish secularism and imposes a Muslim Brotherhood style Islamic republicanism. A lot of Turkish/Syrian strategic conflicts revolve around the Kurds and regional water rights.

    The Libyan government is at war with Libyan terrorist groups who have declared allegiance to IS. These Libyan Islamic State cells most famous for the beheading of Egyptian and Ethiopian Christians have attacked Libyan government offices, airports, police, civilians. The Libyan government is Islamist and pro-Sharia but not pro-IS.

    Syrian rebels funding IS is the silliest idea of all. IS has way more money and sources of continuous income than any of the many Syrian rebel groups could ever dream of. There are Syrian rebels who have defected to the Islamic State and taken with them weapons and equipment and supplies. But

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