06/13/12 – John Glaser – The Scott Horton Show

by | Jun 13, 2012 | Interviews

John Glaser, Assistant Editor at Antiwar.com, discusses his article “Under Obama’s Reign, Habeas Corpus Rights Wrenched Away;” how the DC Circuit court has undermined Boumediene v. Bush and effectively taken away all legal recourse for the 169 remaining Guantanamo prisoners; how President Obama bypasses the courts entirely by killing suspected terrorists (and/or dark-skinned civilians) with drone strikes; the enemy-combatant status of all drone victims, unless proven otherwise posthumously (some consolation); the double standard that gets ACLU drone lawsuits dismissed over “state secrets” but allows Obama to leak information and campaign as a warrior-president; and why it seems like the US is trying really hard to provoke another 9/11.


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