3/16/18 Chris Smiley on Veterans for Peace’s new documentary on Ahed Tamimi and Palestinian oppression

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Interviews

Associate member of Veterans for Peace Chris Smiley joins Scott to discuss his new documentary “U.S. Veterans Witness Brutal Reality for Ahed Tamimi and Palestinians.” Smiley details the scope of the documentary, which shows what life is like for the people of the town of Nabi Salih, which borders an Israeli settlement. Scott and Smiley begin by discussing the details of Ahed Tamimi. Scott then makes the case for Palestinian property rights and Smiley juxtaposes the right of return in Israel and Palestine.

Smiley co-hosts and produces the Peace Report and works on If Americans Knew. He is the creator of the new documentary “U.S. Veterans Witness Brutal Reality for Ahed Tamimi and Palestinians.” Check out all of his work at his website.

Discussed on the show:

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