11/24/13 – Nima Shirazi – The Scott Horton Show

Nima Shirazi, an editor for the online magazine Muftah, discusses the interim deal on Iran-P5+1 nuclear negotiations; the predictable hysterical reactions of Israeli lobbyists, Benjamin Netanyahu and Lindsey Graham; and why it isn’t true that “the sanctions worked” to get Iran to the negotiating table.


4 thoughts on “11/24/13 – Nima Shirazi – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Raymond

    Thanks, Scott for helping to give Nima the exposure finally and his most excellent journalistic talents seen on his wideasleepinamerica website, and recently muftah. I first heard of Nima when he wrote of the so called Iranian ‘threat’ and with copious references of the actual reports given by the media since 1984 and how ridiculous the slanted reporting has been on Iran and the ‘bomb.’ I saw during post 9/11 aftermath MSM showing celebrations by some in the Middle East of the tragedy. What was never shown as far and wide as the al-qeada celebrants, as far as I know, was the Iranians who took to the streets to support the USA and condemn this violent action of 9/11. They held signs showing not all were evil as these misguided Islamists who distorted the religion to justify the violence. It took a while, but in Nima, I found a reporter who gave a damn about the facts and about his audience and cared enough not to mislead them.

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