09/18/12 – Ray McGovern – The Scott Horton Show

Retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern discusses the still-disputed question “why do they hate us;” how post-WWII US foreign policy is geared toward maintaining wealth and resource disparity; why a global military empire just doesn’t make economic sense; the US’s diminishing control of the Middle East; the military’s claim that Guantanamo prisoner suicides are “asymmetrical warfare;” Hillary Clinton’s mastery of doublethink (recall her “Freedom Speech” during which Ray McGovern is dragged out by goons for turning his back on her in silent protest); the common grievances of suicide terrorists; and the Biblical case for a Jewish “promised land.”


2 thoughts on “09/18/12 – Ray McGovern – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Dr Cuthbert Bumwarden

    Any American who still buys into the utterly absurd idea that America is hated for its freedoms must have failed to notice that America has precious few freedoms left — King Obama can stick his subjects in the hoosegow whenever he wants. (Hoosegow is a Spanish word (juzgado), but don’t tell anyone that in Arizona.)

    And those incorrigibly gullible Americans who still swallow the ridiculous notion that America is hated for its freedoms might want to ask why Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and other Western democracies are not hated for their freedoms. But since most Americans are only dimly aware that those countries exist, and have no idea of their social and political arrangements, they can safely ignore that question. (As a further reflection on that point, I am of British birth and hold both British and Australian citizenship; and when visiting the US on my Australian passport, I have several times over the last twenty-odd years been complimented by American immigration officials on my excellent English. I don’t bother explaining it any more.)

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