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12/22/17 Roger Ver on the split between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Interviews | 2 comments

CEO of Bitcoin.com Roger Ver—aka “Bitcoin Jesus”—joins the show to discuss the explosion of bitcoin and the split in the bitcoin community between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash. Ver details the problems with Bitcoin Core and predicts that a year from now it will no longer be the top global cryptocurrency. He then explains how he became interested in bitcoin in 2011 when he realized it could be a true alternative to fiat currencies and explains the connection between Bitcoin and the anti-war movement. Finally Ver makes the case why Bitcoin really can change the world and threaten the state’s ability to wage war.

Roger Ver is an angel investor in Bitcoin who made the first investment in Bitcoin in 2011. He is now the CEO of Bitcoin.com and a thought leader in cryptocurrencies. Follow him on Twitter @rogerkver.

Discussed on the show:

Quote of the show: “I’m antiwar: Don’t go and kill people you’ve never met and certainly don’t go and kill you’ve never met with money stolen from people in the form of taxation.” —Roger Ver

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