3 thoughts on “09/07/12 – Andy Worthington – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. IP Khalifa

    Blierz101:WE have 57 iGetom’s that run by Oilee israelee_Banderz 24X7..Macca,cairo,amman,Ghaza are examples.

    Umar Aaedl NOW is waiting.

  2. Walter Cole

    Nature works its course. By not condemning the Guantanamo Political Prison, sooner or later the American people will experience the very same treatment at home, and by the very same perpetrators, their own government. Bradley Manning is just the beginning.

    And watching it all unfold from outside of America, would, indeed should anybody feel sympathetic for the Americans? At the rate America is creating enemies and losing respect in the world, it doesn

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