9/11/20 Ted Snider on the Israel-UAE Normalization Agreement

by | Sep 12, 2020 | Interviews

Ted Snider discusses the details of the recent “peace deal” between the UAE and Israel. President Trump, who helped broker the deal, has been bragging that this is a groundbreaking normalization of two hostile nations—most likely, says Snider, in an effort to score political points before the election. In reality, Snider explains, Israel and the UAE have had an unofficially friendly relationship for at least a decade, and really going back to the middle of the twentieth century. Champions of the deal have also promoted the claim that it stops Israeli annexation of Palestinian territory, but again, Snider says this is just public relations packaging: Israel had already announced a temporary suspension of official annexation prior to this deal, and has made no promises that annexation won’t resume in the near future. Finally, all of this talk ignores the fact that in practice Israel annexed all of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank years ago, administering a de facto military occupation of the Palestinians who live there that is unlikely to anytime soon.

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Ted Snider has a graduate degree in philosophy and writes on analyzing patterns in U.S. foreign policy and history. He is a regular writer for TruthoutMondoWeiss and antiwar.com.

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