01/03/11 – Robert Parry – The Scott Horton Show

by | Jan 3, 2011 | Interviews

Robert Parry, founder and editor of ConsortiumNews.com, discusses how discredited mainstream journalists like Judith Miller keep getting TV appearances while the reporters who got it right about Iraq, don’t; how the muckraking press corps of yesteryear was replaced by a bevy of sycophantic stenographers; the punishment/reward system for journalists that makes very clear the kind of reporting required for promotions; the infamous pre-Gulf War April Glaspie memo that shows the US took no position on the Iraq-Kuwait border dispute; how George H.W. Bush started an unnecessary war to eradicate the ‘Vietnam syndrome’ of American aversion to war; and how US triumphalism in post-Soviet occupied Afghanistan escalated the civil war that eventually brought the Taliban to power in 1996.


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