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8/13/21 Adam Kokesh on Quitting the Military and Big Tech Suppression of Dissident Voices

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Interviews

Scott is joined by Adam Kokesh, who gives his perspective on how much blame cops and soldiers bear for the immorality of their actions. Scott describes the way we seem to cut soldiers some slack, largely because they tend to be younger when they join up, the propaganda is so much fiercer and it can be difficult to quit the military. But Kokesh, a combat veteran himself, is adamant that people can absolutely leave the military once they realize they no longer believe in what’s being done. He describes this process and provides resources that can help soldiers start to do the right thing.

Discussed on the show:

Adam Kokesh is a libertarian political activist, radio host, and author. Follow him on Twitter @adamkokesh.

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