5/31/17 Iona Craig discusses the latest botched Navy Seal raid in Yemen

by | May 31, 2017 | Interviews | 1 comment

Iona Craig is on the show to discuss her new article “Villagers Say Yemeni Child Was Shot as He Tried to Flee Navy Seal Raid”. The article details the deaths of five civilians in a Navy Seal raid in Yemen, including a fifteen-year-old boy. The raid involved perhaps fifty Navy Seals with Apache helicopters. The helicopter also fired on civilians in the village in the hamlet of al Adhlan in Mareb province. This is the second botched raid in Yemen since Donald Trump became president, the first taking place on January 29th in al Ghayil. That raid left at least 10 children among the 26 villagers that were killed, including an American citizen, and also a Navy Seal, in what Trump later called a “highly successful” operation.

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