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7/2/21 Max Blumenthal on Sulome Anderson’s McCarthyite Lawsuit Against the Grayzone

by | Jul 4, 2021 | Interviews

Max Blumenthal tells the shocking story of a recent lawsuit filed against the Grayzone by heiress Sulome Anderson, who alleged that she was slandered as a hack journalist by Blumenthal’s outlet. Blumenthal readily admits that they have criticized Anderson’s work, but insists that every criticism was legitimate—Anderson has a long track record of shoddy journalism, from accidental errors to outright fabrications. And the judge in this case agreed that there was nothing slanderous about what was said of her. That hasn’t stopped Anderson from continuing to make wild claims of victimhood on the internet, and it hasn’t stopped people like Jake Tapper from publicly championing Anderson’s case. The real motive behind all this, says Blumenthal, is to destroy the Grayzone because it tells the truth about the American empire.

Discussed on the show:

  • “Judge tosses frivolous lawsuit by heiress Sulome Anderson seeking to destroy The Grayzone” (The Grayzone)

Director and writer of “Killing Gaza,” Max Blumenthal is a senior editor of the Grayzone Project and the author GoliathRepublican Gomorrah and The 51 Day War. Follow him on Twitter @MaxBlumenthal.

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