11/15/19 Daniel McAdams on America’s Own CIA-backed Coup

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Interviews

Daniel McAdams talks with Scott about some of the unintended—or maybe not so unintended—consequences of America’s support for regime change revolutions all over the world. These include powerful drug cartels, the rise of regimes that are more extreme and violent than the ones they replaced, and immigration crises and terrorism that can come back to directly affect America and its allies. Not only is the current impeachment inquiry into Ukraine a direct result of the Obama administration’s backing of Ukraine’s revolution in 2014, it’s also a domestic example of the very same process our government has tried to encourage in other countries, says McAdams. That is, instead of our CIA funding a cabal to overthrow a foreign country’s democratically elected leaders, today we see them doing it in our own country against President Trump.

Discussed on the show:

Daniel McAdams is the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity and the co-host of the Ron Paul Liberty Report. Follow him on Twitter @DanielLMcAdams and read all of his work over at Antiwar.com.

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