07/12/11 – Pepe Escobar – The Scott Horton Show

by | Jul 12, 2011 | Interviews

Pepe Escobar, journalist and author of Obama Does Globalistan, discusses his article “What’s really at stake in Libya” at the Asia Times; the underlying “war of acronyms” in Libya (NATO and AFRICOM vs BRIC and EU); the Taliban’s resurgent strength and ability to strike at will; al-Qaeda’s strategy to shift the Afghan war to Pakistan’s tribal areas, as revealed in Syed Saleem Shahzad’s book; the slim chance regional powers (China, India, Russia, Iran, Pakistan) can work a deal to bring peace and build a pipeline; the high cost of US full spectrum dominance; disheartening Arab spring counterrevolutions; and the logic of picking and choosing which autocratic regimes to oppose (Syria, Libya) and which to support (Bahrain, Uzbekistan).


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