09/20/13 – John Glaser – The Scott Horton Show

John Glaser, a writer for Antiwar.com and The Huffington Post, discusses how US obsession with regime change is ruining any chance for a deal on Iran’s nuclear program; how US foreign policy became completely disconnected from the national interest; learning from Libya, Iraq and N. Korea that nuclear weapons are indeed deterrents to invasion/regime change; and why Obama needed a terrorism waiver to arm Syrian rebels.

3 Replies to “09/20/13 – John Glaser – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Chairman Mao argued for China’s quest for nuclear weapon as deterant for US nuclear blackmail.
    So, don’t expect China to be so hypocritical to reign in North Korea about their nuclear ambition when they used the same augument 50 years later.
    Learn how to Co-Exist Peacefully.

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