3 thoughts on “04/28/15 – Brad Hoff – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Reme

    The everyday Syrian does not support Assad. I would love to meet Brad. Im American but my dad’s from Damascus and Assad has jailed anybody who doesn’t kiss his ass. The Zionists love the war and Assad wins with the FSA. Al Nusra is not linked to Al Qaeda. Anyway Syrians hate ISIS but love the rebel revolution.

    1. Reme

      PS I’ve been to Syria half-dozen times since I first went as 7 year old in ’89 and it is horrible to let this continue. When Assad is dead Syrians will kick the Iraqi terrorists out and have a secure future.

  2. Reme

    My first comment has errors in it i meant to say Assad wins with ISIS. Where’s criticism of Iran Hezbollah or Russia for sending terror squads in Syria. What about Shabiha. Too complex to blame 1 group. Sunni Syrians want a Syria for all groups. Listen to Syrians not Iraqis or other nationalities speak on Syria.

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