1/12/18 James Carden on the popularity of non-interventionism and the new Cold War

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James Carden returns to the show to discuss his latest article “A New Poll Shows the Public Is Overwhelmingly Opposed to Endless US Military Interventions.” Carden breaks down the different findings of the poll, including that a vast majority of people think military intervention should be used only as a last resort, that a preponderance of people think that military aid to foreign countries is counterproductive, and that there’s particular antipathy directed at support for Saudi Arabia. Scott and Carden then discuss how the failed strategies of the Hillary Clinton campaign have been adopted by the “Resistance” movement during Trump’s presidency. Carden says that the question people need to ask is: Is the world better off if the U.S. and Russia can find a way to cooperate or if they are enemies? He then reviews the history of NATO expansion toward Russia and the lies and broken promises that have accompanied it. Lastly Scott asks—what level of crisis do we have with Russia right now?

James Carden is the executive editor for the American Committee for East-West Accord and former adviser on Russia policy at the US State Department. He is a contributing writer at The Nation.

Discussed on the show:

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