7/7/17 James Carden on President Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Interviews | 3 comments

James Carden joins the show to talk about his latest article, “A Fateful Encounter: On Today’s Meeting Between Presidents Trump and Putin,” on Donald Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit. Carden also discusses how Liberal Twitter is off its hinge, how the U.S. is the worst of all foreign election meddlers, why tensions with Iran make it impossible for a lasting agreement between Russia and the United States, why no one understands what’s happening in the Ukraine and the United States’ role in the mess, how all of the pundits screeching about Trump’s connections to Russia were the same pundits who supported the case for WMDs in Iraq, and that regime change in Russia is the ultimate goal for many in Washington.

Carden is a contributing writer at The Nation. He is executive editor for the American Committee for East-West Accord and former adviser on Russia policy at the US State Department.

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