10/26/17 Kate Kizer on H.Con.Res.81 and how to end the war in Yemen

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Kate Kizer, the Director of Policy and Advocacy at The Yemen Peace Project joins Scott to discuss H.Con.Res.81 which is attempting to “remove U.S. Armed Forces from hostilities in the Republic of Yemen.” The resolution may be voted on as soon as Friday, November 3rd despite the efforts of some members, including Paul Ryan, to prevent the bill from coming to the floor. Kizer explains why she’s optimistic that the bill will pass as momentum continues to grow as it’s been delayed—but that every day it waits more innocent Yemeni people die. Scott then explains what the War Powers Act actually says versus how it’s been interpreted. Finally, Kizer shares what you can do to help end the war in Yemen and why people’s activism is both important and effective.

Kate Kizer is the Director of Policy and Advocacy at Yemen Peace Project. Follow Kate on Twitter @KateKizer and the Yemen Peace Project @YemenPeaceNews.

Discussed on the show:

Quote of the show: “Once [H.Con.Res.81] gets to the House Floor this could be the most exciting episode of C-SPAN 2 in a long, long time.” -Scott Horton

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