This interview of Grant F. Smith, John Feffer and Anand Gopal is from the KPFK Los Angeles 90.7 FM broadcast of Friday, November 26. The unedited segment can be heard here.

Grant F. Smith of discusses Steven Rosen’s defamation lawsuit against his former employer AIPAC and what a renewed FBI criminal investigation could mean for the premiere Israel lobby in America.

John Feffer of Foreign Policy in Focus discusses (starting at 19:45 in the recording) the military conflict between North and South Korea and how joint US-S. Korea naval exercises near disputed maritime borders will only increase the tension.

Independent journalist Anand Gopal discusses (starting at 45:30 in the recording) the nine-year US boondoggle in Afghanistan that has now exceeded the Soviet occupation’s duration and the early missed opportunities in Kandahar when the US failed to take advantage of the Taliban’s surrender.

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