01/22/14 – Philip Giraldi – The Scott Horton Show

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi discusses the intelligence community’s role in furthering an Iran nuclear deal; a common sense foreign policy vs. the Israel lobby; the international businesses lining up to trade with a sanctions-free Iran; and why the US might start the war on terror all over again.


6 thoughts on “01/22/14 – Philip Giraldi – The Scott Horton Show”

    1. Claus Eric Hamle

      The whole thing is bogus. 16 US Intelligence Agencies still confirm that if Iran ever worked to get a bomb, that work stopped completely in 2003. And Mossad agrees. The rest is propaganda. For the Petro-Dollar and to make more weapons business ?

  1. Claus Eric Hamle

    And for Greater Israel, of course. But gas and everything else will cost 5 times more in the US and in Europe because of the closure of the Strait of Hormuz. The rich will get much richer and the poor much poorer. Money is the reason they want war, nothing else. “Bloody fools” said General Harbottle. The share holders buy the propaganda and the Senators. One thing they should be told over and over again, however: THERE’S NO DEFENSE AGAINST LAUNCH ON WARNING. If we get to that point, we are truly doomed.

    1. eCAHNomics

      My point, but more pointed, since it is the CIA that shaped the plan. Iran will be put thru the wringer.

  2. Claus Eric Hamle

    Iran can sink all warships in the Persian Gulf with supersonic Silkworm cruise missiles they bought in China. There is no defense against them. And why are the Americans deploying missiles in Romania, Poland and on 32 ships in the Mediterranean Sea ? To defend us from Iran as the US and NATO-chief AFR claim ? At any rate, the Russians don’t believe that fairy tale, of course. The result will likely be Launch On Warning, probably from 2017 followed by Suicide. Bloody, crazy fools in the Pentagon ! More info: http://www.claus eric/antiwar.com esp. interview with Ray McGovern and comments. The MX warhead was put on Minuteman-3 because that warhead like the D5 on Trident-2 is designed to minimize nuclear winter effects if used against missile silos according to Professor Paul Rogers. See Bob Aldridge’s 6-page article on Minuteman-3 as a-state-of-the-art First Strike Weapon on http://www.plrc.org

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