3 thoughts on “8/5/13 Daniel McAdams”

  1. Ryan

    My own way to put it is that people who are ideological fanatics are stupid. They are stupid because their fanaticism blinds them to reality and common sense. The neocons are the worst.

  2. Orville H. Larson

    Hey, there, McInsane, you warmongering sonofabitch: Be careful what you wish for. It’s one thing for the U.S. to invade and/or push around small, weak countries. We’d better be careful when they come a little bigger–like Russia.

    Of course, if things get to the point where Vlad Putin figures he has to lay an ICBM on Washington, District of Corruption, I hope you’re the first one to get it.

  3. Hide Behind

    Mc Cain has never had to go manoymano in your fave combat and the only time he met an enemy hecollapsed, yes collapsed with no actual physical duress placed upon him by the N Vietnamese captors.
    In fact when they offered to release him because his father was an Afmiral he adked a semior officer if he should leave.
    aBeen implicated in three savings and loan scandals that also had high ranking politicos and a hero by name of John Glenn involved or else his ass would of been grass.
    a lowlife with money is best how to describe him and a tin hatted despot thhat talks war to prove he has a peter.

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