9/20/19 Catherine L. Besteman on America’s Shadow War in Somalia

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Interviews

Catherine Besteman joins the show to share some of her research about America’s covert proxy war in Somalia. American military intervention in Somalia goes back at least as far as the Bush administration’s support for Ethiopia in its invasion of the country in 2006, and Besteman says this type of intervention has done nothing but empower groups like Al-Shabaab, which the U.S. supposedly wants to curtail. As usual, the mainstream media has little interest in covering what’s really going on.

Discussed on the show:

  • “‘Send her back’ isn’t just racist. It ignores the US’s critical role in Somalia” (The Guardian)

Catherine L. Besteman is the Francis F. Bartlett and Ruth K. Bartlett Professor of Anthropology at Colby College. She is known for her work with Somali Bantu refugees who have migrated from East Africa to the U.S. Follow her work at colby.edu.

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