11/20/17 Derek Davison on 60 Minutes’ glaring omission about Yemen

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Interviews

Derek Davison joins Scott to discuss his article “60 Minutes Imagines a Different War in Yemen.” Davison recalls how 60 Minutes described the reality of Yemeni suffering—but with one major exception: it never mentioned the United States’ crucial role in enabling the war and blockade. Davison explains why the United States is involved in Yemen at all and that, while it began under Obama, it’s only gotten worse under Donald Trump. Further, while it seems the tides of public opinion may be turning against Saudi Arabia, Davison is skeptical that it will have any effect on Washington policy. Scott and Davison then pivot to prince Mohammad bin Salman’s power play in Saudi Arabia.

Derek Davison is a freelance writer. His work appears at LobeLog and Jacobin. Learn more about his work at his site And That’s The Way It Was and follow him on Twitter.

Discussed on the show:

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