03/09/12 – Sheldon Richman – The Scott Horton Show

by | Mar 9, 2012 | Interviews

Sheldon Richman, senior fellow at The Future of Freedom Foundation, discusses his article “No to AIPAC, No to Israel, and No to War;” President Obama’s disappointing speech at the AIPAC conference, where he refused to take “options off the table” in dealing with Iran; why Iran’s modest military capability poses no real threat to Israel or the US; refuting the “mad mullah” image of Iran’s leadership – which is in fact composed of rational actors who aren’t eager to see their 2500 year old culture destroyed; the difference between Israel (the country) and Jews (as individuals); and why we needn’t fear Iranian President Ahmadinejad – who wields no real power, especially over the military – even though he often makes inflammatory remarks.


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