09/18/14 – Michael Scheuer – The Scott Horton Show

Michael Scheuer, former Chief of the CIA’s Bin Laden Issue Station, discusses why the US is fighting a global war against Islam; the strengths of Al Qaeda’s second generation fighters; and why we shouldn’t overreact to the gruesome beheading videos.


7 thoughts on “09/18/14 – Michael Scheuer – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. David James Vickery

    Scott, from where you said ” which is it, how can it be both?”, I admire Michael’s answer starting @4:11.
    I heard his ever word, and I believe everything he said to be true.

  2. skeptic

    Much as I respect Michael Scheuer and think that he has a better understanding than most about the Muslim world (and I’m glad he made the point that many of our so-called leaders and thinkers do not recognize the part religion plays in most societies)… I have to comment on his assumption that Muslims don’t want women going to university, while the Western world supports that. In fact, throughout the Middle East – INCLUDING Saudi Arabia – there are more women attending university than there are men. It is perfectly normal, and even expected, for women to go to college. In many Muslim countries, they not only go to college but do so at government expense – and in many countries, that includes studying overseas. the Muslim women I know – from many different regions of the world – have a much higher level of education than the American women I know; many have master’s degrees and PhDs. Getting married and having children does not mean they stop their education, either.

  3. redwood

    Muslim nations have women going to colleges and universities. In Afghanistan women were allowed to get an education before the Taliban came to power. When they came to power, that not only had an effect on girls, it also had an effect on boys. Most teachers even in boys schools were women. Iraq had women in universities and the military under Saddam Hussein. Syria as well as Iraq, allows women to go out in public without male escorts, veils or headscarves. They allow women in their military and workforce.

  4. Curious

    I rarely disagree with Michael Scheuer but Israel is accomplishing its foreign policy goals. Israel wanted this. Its lobby and supporters wanted this. They wanted Saddam overthrown. They want Assad and the mujahedin to kill each other. They want no outcome in Syria. They want the Iranians overthrown. They are implementing the clean break strategy and the US is one of the tools it is using to accomplish it. Israel believes it should defend itself with American blood and treasure. The mujahedin accomplishes its military objectives of weakening Iran and Hezbollah. The US Empire is a tool for all these foreign governments. If the mujahedin becomes an existential threat to Israel then Israel will use the Sampson option. A nuclear winter will cool off the planet.

    The military industrial complex needs an enemy to avoid sequestration. There are a lot of jobs that need for the Salafi jihadist boogie man to exist. It is against those job holders interest to change American foreign policy and wipe out the Salafi jihadist where it needs to be done. There are jobs to train and arm some of the Salafi jihadist to fight Assad and ISIS. Jobs to spy on the Salafi jihadist and everyone else but the Salafi jihadist provide the alibi. The punditry needs them. Think tanks need them. Republicans especially need them in order to get the votes of fools. Think about the drone makers. Where would they be if America changed its foreign policy? Salafi jihadist make the perfect tools to give armaments to to kill the Shia with, and be a weak boogie man to scare the American people with, and to play war with. If these people are wiped out then who are they going to play war with?They are crazy but they aren’t crazy enough to play war with someone who can effectively fight back like China and Russia yet. People are afraid of Shariah law in the US. Its crazy. The Salafi jihadist do not have the military capability to be a serious threat to the US. They are useful tools which the US brings out whenever interests groups demand the US to intervene in the Middle East on behalf of the sponsors of the Salafi jihadist and Israel.

  5. Claus-Eric Hamle

    The most rediculous claim is that the 239 missiles in Romania and the 409 missiles in Poland and on 32 ships in the Mediterranean Sea are to defend us against Iran. The Russians aren’t idiots and the result may be Launch On Warning from 2017. Stop the missiles or commit Suicide !!!

  6. Claus-Eric Hamle

    Still more strange that they believe the myth of OBL attacking the WTC. OBL didn’t have access to nano-thermite. And advanced nano-thermite from a military laboratory. Mossad did it ! Remember USS Liberty !

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