08/15/11 – Karen Kwiatkowski – The Scott Horton Show

by | Aug 15, 2011 | Interviews

Karen Kwiatkowski, columnist at lewrockwell.com and retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel, discusses her run for Congress in Virginia’s 6th District; the media’s steadfast refusal to mention Ron Paul’s near-win in the Iowa straw poll – because he “can’t win;” why the RNC may have nominated John McCain in order to purposely lose the 2008 presidential election; why Congressional Reps should have to actually read and write the bills they vote on, instead of having aids and lobbyists do it for them (and should lose pensions and health benefits for good measure); how to convince the electorate to rein in the US empire, without actually saying “empire;” and why the steady drumbeat for war with Iran emerging from the Republican primaries must be stopped.


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